3 Main page

The main page welcomes you and provides several informations about the application and a couple ways to enter it.

It is a page that you can scroll down. It is segmented in several parts:

  • Main page
  • Gallery
  • Guide
  • Showcase
  • General informations
  • Detailed informations

3.1 Main page

Main page

  1. Arabesque logo : click on it to return to the main page
  2. Gallery button : to go directly to the gallery
  3. Guide button : go to the guide
  4. Project : visit the project website
  5. New map : creating a new map with you own dataset
  6. Load saved map : reload a map you created before
  7. Scroll down to access more informations

3.2 Documentation and demos

  1. You can come to this documentation by clicking on the link
  2. Arabesque comes with 2 preloaded maps on several subjects:
  • London Bike Traffic
  • Swiss Migration


3.4 General informations

The main page provides general information on :

  1. the application (funding and contributors)
  2. the Gflowiz project that Arabesque is part of.

General informations

3.5 Detailed informations

Finally you can find detailled informations about the application :

  • Software libraries
  • Source datasets
  • Licence
  • Link to the source code
  • Contact us policy

Detailed informations